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What make our events perfect:

EXPERIENCE: With literally thousands of events under our belts we can entertain your guests with our wide selection of music. We carry everything from the 1940’s all the way up to today’s current hits.

ELEGANCE: First and foremost is our appearance. We are always properly attired for your event. No cheesy tuxedos with sequined vests. Our interaction with your guests is kept to an appropriate level which means we won’t be screaming on the microphone to raise your hands and make some noise while running around the dance floor.

STYLE: Our style not only evolves with current trends. We are trendsetters ourselves. We have the creativity to customize your event to make it unique to your taste.

RELIABLE: This is a given. We show up early and are set up well in advance of your guests arriving. We also use the highest quality in professional DJ equipment. We also have a compliment of back up equipment and entertainers on standby.

While on your quest to find the perfect DJ you have probably read the same thing over and over again.  Well I’m here to tell you the difference. We care. We plan every event as if it were our own event. We do what we would like to see at our own events.

With our experience we can handle any event. We know how to get a crowd motivated and moving on the dance floor.  We can do this without screaming on the microphone to make some noise and put your hands in the air, we are by default, as interactive as we need to be to keep the crowd going.

Many DJ’s will talk about their extensive music collection or their state of the art equalized digital sound system. They will even tell you what DJ equipment and software they use.

Having a music collection and DJ equipment does not make a person a DJ.

The difference comes from the professionals, themselves having the knowledge of different genres of music, how to program the sets of music you’re going to play without clearing the dance floor and how to mix the music seamlessly so it is truly non stop. Also it is being knowledgeable with their tools and gear used for performing at events. In addition to a computer-based DJ system, we still have a collection of CD’s that we bring with as well as an essential back-up.

We spend a considerable amount of money to buy the best equipment available. All of our DJ gear is top of the line. Our sound system consists of concert-quality touring speakers. So yes, we can provide sound for a house party or a rock concert. We do this in order to have the best tools available for us to do our job flawlessly.

We do not sub-contract DJ’s. All DJ’s are Alpha Tunes staff whom have been with us since the first day. As a matter of fact, most of the DJ’s are family.